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Currently, there is no one best weed in the world. Instead there are a bunch of different types and varieties that people use to suit their personal preference.

However, there are scientific advancements that people are using to attempt to create the best weed in the world. This weed would be able to balance the fast growing rate of Indicas with the properties of the Sativas. In addition, the best weed in the world would have the health and durability of the Ruderalis. The combination of each of these different strands and types of marijuana could easily create the best weed in the world.

There is more to creating the ultimate weed in the world than simply combining different strands of marijuana though. There is the planning, the testing and the genetic engineering needed to complete the task. The chemicals in the marijuana would have to be balanced and the plant would have to be able to reproduce. Cloning a plant is possible and it does work well for some plants, but marijuana users find that the cloning process is simply to ineffective for marijuana use.

Currently, not all marijuana plants are hearty. The healthiest plants actually have little to no THC in them, and are ineffective for the use of getting high or experiencing medicinal satisfaction. In order to create the best weed in the world, the marijuana must be healthier and must be able to be grown anywhere. This means that the Ruderalis plant should be a starting place for the marijuana. This plant is high durable, and is all but impervious to disease and pests. The plant can be grown either indoors or out, even in the worst weather. The Ruderalis plant is never used to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes though, because it has almost no THC. Instead this plant is used as a fibrous plant and hemp is created out of it.
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